At this point in my practice, I am involved in creating art that has subjects which are entangled with my current thoughts, energy, and time. I approach my piece with no regard for any pre-condition. Sometimes I have a lot of things to tell, in limited time, Or, I have little to say, with plenty of times. I enjoy the structure, the muscles, and movement, bending, twisting, and turning of the body forms.


My subject has always been primarily the human form. My figures are not historically based nor do they have a social context. They are purely form; they are without telling of where they are from and why there are there, and when they are. The ideology behind this is neither constructive nor destructive. It’s just as it is. 


-- Prabin



I am a trained artist with a BFA from Berhampur University, India, and a Masters Degree in History of Art from National Museum, New Delhi, India.  A member artist of the 4th Street Studio in Berkeley , California , U.S.A., and participates regularly in the Emeryville Annual Exhibition and other local exhibitions. My works are in collections in the USA and around the World. Since 1999, I have been living in Emeryville with my wife & daughter.



Phone: 510-225-8612 at Nexus Studio

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